Monday, 21 June 2010

Its all the flags....

If anyone is wondering why Englands performance in this years world cup is so dire, I have a theory on this.

In 1966 (yeah yeah I know we should stop banging on about it) we won the world cup for the first and only time. There was no fanfare, no hype, even the press relegated the news to the back pages the day after the final! There was also something else missing in 1966. Flags.

Flags on peoples cars, peoples windows, doors, roofs even. Not one. I saw the footage from the final and people were waving them in the stadium, but not the cross of St George, the union flag.

My theory is this, the more flags and crap people put up on their houses and cars the worse England perform. I first remember seeing the flags in 2002, just before David Seamen let in a howler against Brazil and putting us out of the quarter finals. Then in 2004 - bad luck (or bad flag karma some would say) meant we lost out to penalties in Euro 2004. In 2006 the same thing happened in the World Cup in Germany. And least said the better for Euro 2008....

Some may say it is patriotic and supportive. I say it spells disaster. If like me, you are a true England fan and want them to have even a glimmer of hope of winning through to the next round (let alone the world cup) then my message is simple. Remove the flags.

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